Edmonds: Find your best fit to serve your community.

In the 3+ years that I’ve been in Edmonds has been a fun and eye-opening experience.  One that has challenged me to find ways to integrate myself in my new home, learn and adapt to a new culture (Pacific Northwest vs Bay Area) as well as how to be a participant in my community…not justContinue reading “Edmonds: Find your best fit to serve your community.”

Alicia’s Favorite Mocha Spots In Edmonds

One of the great things about being a consultant/working for yourself is the ability to set your own schedules and to work from home. Both allow me to satisfy my need to do volunteer activities in and around Edmonds.  However, I have discovered that in order for me to “work” from home, I need toContinue reading “Alicia’s Favorite Mocha Spots In Edmonds”

Why is the 2016 Presidential cycle so nasty? Because 2008 wasn’t.

I remember the 2008 Presidential election cycle with mixed emotions, most of them positive.  I was a California State Democratic Delegate who was going to vote for either the first African-American candidate or first female candidate. This was enormous, something that my grandparents never got to see. It was a contentious primary with many dividedContinue reading “Why is the 2016 Presidential cycle so nasty? Because 2008 wasn’t.”